Yvonne Lang

Yvonne is a librarian who works in children’s publishing and has been an avid reader and creative writer her entire life. Her short stories and comedy articles have been featured in a range of publications, from Sugar Magazine to Your Cat Magazine, as well as local publications and ranking highly in competitions throughout the UK. Her latest horror stories have been published as part of the Short Sharp Shock Series by Demain Publishing and are available on Amazon. She resides in Yorkshire, England with her partner and cat. She is well practiced at writing, typing, editing and proof reading around the cat who will guaranteed be on the necessary pen/pad/keyboard/blocking her vision. It has improved her touch typing though.

Recent News

A piece of Yvonne's flash fiction, An Eye for Art, appeared as 101's daily story on September 11. Read it here.

One of Yvonne's horror stories is featured in the August issue of Schlock Webzine. You can read The Typewriter here

A triple drabble of Yvonne's featured as Trembling with Fear's unholy trinity. You can read it here

Yvonne's short story "All Seeing Izabella" was featured as CafeLit's feature piece for Tuesday 27th July. You can read it here

Paragraph planet has featured another story of Yvonne's. Ignored Love was published on 24th July 2021. Paragraph Planet

Yvonne has had a drabble featured on 'The Drabble' you can read it here

One of Yvonne's stories was shortlisted for the The Secret Attic monthly short story competition. It features amongst other winners in booklet 15.

A science fiction story of Yvonne's, Human Touch, features in issue 57 of Raven Cage e-zine, read it here

A piece of flash fiction by Yvonne was featured as the paragraph on 28 May 2021 at Paragraph Planet

Yvonne's story is in the current issue of Northern Life Magazine, you can read the online version here

Three of Yvonne's horror stories feature in the current issue of Sirens Call magazine, the entire magazine can be downloaded for free here

Yvonne (and Roxy) feature in the April issue of Your Cat magazine.

A drabble of Yvonne's featured on The Drabbe website, read Seven Second Solution here

One of Yvonne's stories featured in CafeLit magazine read it here

Yvonne's science fiction story 'The importance of self sacrifice' is now published by 365 tomorrows and was their feature home page story on 21st February 2021. Check it out here

Delighted to announce that one of Yvonne's short stories, 'Serving of Revenge' will feature in an upcoming issue of Northern Life Magazine

Yvonne is currently shortlisted for the Val Wood fiction prize for Yorkshire.

The Dolls House & Prison Break

Two exciting new stories...

Dolls House

When her daughter Lily is bullied to the point of being suicidal, her mother is willing to try anything to get her back on the right track. She is skeptical when a toy shop owner recommends renovating an old dolls house as a bonding exercise, but she is running out of options so agrees to the purchase. Soon the dolls start to bear a striking resemblance to those who were bullying her daughter, and then the bullies start to become victims of tragic events – that the dolls house seems to know about before they happen. Is the house predicting the future, or causing the accidents?

Prison Break

When Lee is stuck in a holding cell accused of domestic violence on New Year’s Eve despite being the victim and not the perpetrator, he is terrified. He is also locked in there with two other men accused of violence. He thinks things can’t get worse, until one of the other men starts acting strangely and things that cannot be explained begin to happen. Whilst he and his cell mates are all locked up they begin wondering if it is their eyes deceiving them, if they are losing their grip on reality, or if something not of this world is lurking in there with them. Buy here

Interview with Kendall Reviews

Yvonne was interviewed by Kendall Reviews in November 2020. You can find the interview here: Kendall Reviews

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The Dolls House & Prison Break

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